Happy New Year 2018 – Personal Goal Setting

Wishing you all a great happy new year 2018,
This 2017 has been an amazing year, yet I’ve realized that my blog post has been freezing since half year ago, and this time i have reminded myself that i’m gonna have a goal that this year i will be posting once a month, it’s about either my client’s photo, or behind the scene, or any information regarding maternity / newborn / family. Surely as I wrote this down, the reader would be the one who knows whether i’m gonna make it or not. I promised myself that this website should be just the way I am, if you like it, then you can look at it, if you don’t, feel free to close it.

Hope, dreams, and vision, it’s something that I have been reminded this couple of weeks.. Goals.. something that we should have in our life, either it’s a big thing, or just a simple thing, once you have a goal in your life, you’ll know where you want to be heading. Don’t let yourself passing another year just go with flow.. Water always flows down, not up. If you haven’t got any certain Goal in your life, there are things that you can consider as we still in January, i guess it wouldn’t be “too late” to start a new thing.


what’s your dream in 2018, start by writing it out details. It may be losing a few KG after a few years of marriage or post-pregnancy, going for overseas trip (traveling), finishing your 1st Race, spending more time with family, getting some amount of money, finishing your first reading book, you want to be able to cook, having your houses, completing your debt, having a new car, and many other things you can name it. in my personal goal, I break it down to 4 categories that I want to achieve: BUSINESS / CAREER, PHYSICAL / HEALTH, SPIRITUAL / PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, RELATIONSHIP (MARRIAGE, FAMILY, FRIENDS). So each of the categories, try to have only 1-3 goals max to obtain an achievable goal instead of having too many things in many different area will leads to exhaustion. Make a realistic things you really want and it all started with your own decision.

Once you’ve written down the things you want to achieve in 2018, then it’s time to work on the plan. I remember one quote that said “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, yet many of us (including me) doesn’t plan our life, just settle with our daily life, our family, our situation without any plan. Having a Dream is good, but a “wake up” dream is better, so addressing your dream with strategies / workable plan would help you to work on your dreams. you can use or search for S.M.A.R.T Goal (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-frame) goal to put it into action plans. My example would be I want to finish 6 books this year, so my plan is to finish each book minimum 1 book per 2 months and I committed to read it in the morning after my run / breakfast.

Telling or sharing your goal to your closest people in your life will help you to be reminded of the things you want to reach,
and keep you accountable about what you’re going to achieve. I hope this 2018 will be a great year, great achievement, and many dreams going to be come true.

Remember don’t let time goes by “just like another year”. Failing is better than doing nothing. 🙂
Here’s one of the photos of my dreams come true.

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