Family Session – Louis & Amandine

Louis & Amandine was referred by our client Judith, they never had a family photos before, so this is the first time they have since their daughter born, Aulia.
We had a great time with this sweet family, and Aulia is such a lovely, cute and adorable little girl, yes she’s the pearl of the family 🙂

wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_01 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_02 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_03 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_04 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_05 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_06 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_07 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_08 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_11 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_10 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_09 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_16 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_15some energizer for this little girl 🙂 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_12 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_14 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_13 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_17 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_18 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_19 wdphotoworks_family_photo_louis_20

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