Stepping 2013

As we step on new year,
I promised myself to post more, to work harder, and being more focus
lots of achievement are planned on the beginning of year,
thankful for 2012, still yet this year, a lot of challenges is coming ahead.. well anyway, we’re grateful for having the chance to have our honeymoon in winter wonderland, South Korea, it’s my first time to see, to feel the snow ^^ yeayyy..
although it’s -2 Celsius, the excitement makes it worthwhile :p
Anyway, the picture below I took from Jeju Island, It is called the Dragon Rock, from their legend, there were a Dragon that was trying to steal some kind of pearl / treasure from the mountain, but as the dragon trying to get away after getting what he wanted, mountain found out and froze him into stone.. we went to a lot of places and great food, will update some more 😀 maybe it will make you interested to come hahahaha.. no worry, south korea don’t pay me for it.

I wish everyone will wake up with a new hope to step on 2013..

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